Entry #1


2009-01-20 11:08:37 by Nocturnalhaunt

Hey everyone,

Nocturnal Haunt is a site made up of artists and programmers from around the net, submitting art, toons and games! Part-Newgrounds, Part-Facebook, we're working together to make the best user experience for online entertainment

You can upload your own pictures, post blogs, add friends, and best of all the site is growing repidly each and every day, not to mention all the collaborations, the handmade forum and the epic community we have!

We've recently added our new portal, "Spirit Gateway" to the site, and we're loving all the submissions you've uploaded! Keep 'em coming!

We're constantly improving the site with new additions, with something new being added almost every week!
To see what we're fussing about, check out the site and see for yourself.


What are you waiting for? Sign up and get your NH profile + blog, and start submitting your own work to our portal!


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2009-01-20 18:55:44

I can't believe ixintro actually co-authored you

Nocturnalhaunt responds:

Why not? daran is a dev and a good member.


2009-02-03 16:45:16

What about the blue-mess account?


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